Seniors deserve more than a cookie-cutter session for this monumental time of their lives. This is why I am determined to provide each client with a personalized portrait experience.

To make the magic happen, Woller Photography seniors are presented with boutique options and a pre-consultation. The boutique options include things like specialty gifts and an experience catered to you. Based on the information that is shared during the pre-consultation the senior and I will explore locations for the adventure (shoot) and I will provide a unique personalized experience.

It’s going to be a great one!


The average person takes 20 pictures a day. Multiply that by 365, and you wind up with over 7,000 pictures a year. A year! As a result, many pictures are neglected. Forgotten. Lost. And so is history. 


If digital portraits are the only thing important to you, then I am afraid I am not the photographer for you. Woller Photography is not a shoot-and-burn studio. Instead, as a professional Portrait Artist I am committed to creating printed fine art photography. My job is to slow down. To look. To study. To see. To capture your unique awesomeness and preserve your history. 


I hope you’ll join me. 



Popular with seniors and their families, albums are a great way to physically preserve your favorite images. And just think. One day, you can show your grandkids what you looked like when you were their age.


Share the news of your upcoming graduation with friends and family. Choose the photos and design, or let Woller Photography figure it out for you. The choice is yours! 


Because of the importance of the fine art printed image, Woller Photography offers a variety of creative products to showcase in your home. From traditionally framed senior portraits to decorative metal prints, I can do it all. I will take the time to learn what is best for you and your loved ones and even offer the ability to see what would look best on your own walls. 

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