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Seniors you deserve more than a cookie-cutter session for this monumental time in your life. This is why Woller Photography is determined to provide each client with a personalized portrait experience so that you can 'Be Authentically YOU!'


To make the magic happen, Woller Photography seniors are presented with boutique options and a pre-consultation followed by a final order consultation where you determine how to showcase these pieces of art forever. The process goes like this. 

(1) You contact Woller Photography 
(2) Set up consultation
(3) Meet to plan and personalize the experience and discuss boutique options
(4) The real magic and fun happen for the Senior Experience!

(5) View and purchase your awesome images during the ordering session

(6) Enjoy your printed artwork forever and tell everyone about how much fun you had with Denice!


The average person takes 20 pictures a day. Multiply that by 365, and you wind up with over 7,000 pictures a year. A year! As a result, many pictures are neglected. Forgotten. Lost. And so is history. 


If digital portraits are the only thing important to you, then I am afraid I am not the photographer for you. Woller Photography is not a shoot-and-burn studio. Instead, as a professional Portrait Artist, I am committed to creating printed fine art photography. My job is to slow down. To look. To study. To see. To capture your unique awesomeness and preserve your history. 


I hope you’ll join me. 


From traditionally framed senior portraits, to decorative metal prints, Woller Photography can do it all. One of the most popular requests is an heirloom album or book. Ask about these! 


Woller Photography offers a variety of creative products to showcase in your home, and in the homes of others. I can even take the time needed to provide recommendations for what will look best on your walls.


Contact me at,

507-351-5472, or contact me here to set up a consultation. During your

free consultation, I will meet with you and your parent, parents, and/or guardians. During the consult I will walk you through the experience process. You will also get a chance to view products and see all of the amazing print options available, answer your questions, and determine if we make a great fit. If so, we will start to plan your Senior Experience in order to create images that are as unique as you are! 


I would love to capture your life through my lens!

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