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My dedication to the fine art of legacy portraits is a direct result of growing up on a dairy farm in South Dakota. My father passed away the year after I graduated from high school, and my family does not have visual documentation of him working the farm. I wish I had portraits to show my children. Consequently, I document Rural Americans for future generations so that they do not experience the void that I have felt.

In 1997, I was a photojournalist at a small South Dakota newspaper. Part of my job was to shadow farmers and ranchers and take their pictures. Little did I know this would turn into my life’s work, to capture Rural Americans in their natural environments. Helping your family capture history through fine art helps fill my own void. My job is to document your hard work so that you can pass along your legacy to future generations. 

Today, I ride along in tractors and pickups with farmers. I jump onto horses and herd cattle and children, whatever it takes. I come to you. Your legacy through my lens is my passion. 


To learn more, please contact me.

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