There are so many details to talk through regarding individual photo experiences. Please fill out the form below so I have information to prepare for our conversation. I will then give you a call as soon as possible so we can discuss more and see if our working together is meant to be! Or, if you just can't wait, you are welcome to call me at 507.351.5472 M-F, 8:30-4.


Woller Photography's studio is located in a 120+-year-old barn. The hayloft has been renovated by Denice to hold office space, a restroom/changing room, and ample opportunities for photography. It really is the coolest place to hang out, but I will gladly also come to you! 


I offer four fabulous options when it comes to senior experiences. Each one is catered to your expectations. You are only a high school senior once, right? Because there are so many factors involved in the various sessions I have created a fabulous magazine full of specific information and pricing. If you are interested in viewing one be sure to make a note of that below. I can either send you a PDF for immediate gratification, or if you add your address on the contact form below I can mail you one to hand hold! 


You work hard every day and I want to capture it. Your family and friends deserve to be able to see this important way of life. It was when I was a photojournalist at a small SD newspaper following farmers and ranchers around that I realized I am really meant to capture people in their environments. Whether I ride along with you in the tractor, pickup, or on a horse, my goal is to document you being you so that your grandkids can witness your history. Or, perhaps you have decided the lifestyle of your ancestors isn't for you. What better time than now to have your Mom, Dad, Grandparents or siblings, photographed on the home place? Dad may not be thrilled with the idea of having his photo taken, but I promise it would be the perfect gift to your entire family, and I promise he would even have fun! Contact me via the form below for more info about making this experience become a reality! I want to tell your story. Each Leaving Your Legacy Experience includes a printed heirloom album- so you have that important archival inheritance for your family.


Let's face it, custom photography is a luxury. My clients understand that I am an artist and the photos they receive from me are one of a kind. As I was growing up, my family was only able to get photos taken two times, the second time being when I graduated from high school. My dad died the year after. I don't have any photos of him working on our dairy farm, and it breaks my heart to not have that documentation of him doing what he did every day. This is exactly the reason I feel it imperative to capture individuals in their element and document their legacy for future generations. The world is changing, including the way we do things in our daily lives. More photos are being taken now than ever before, but when they aren't printed that history is lost, so why not have it done well? If Cornoavirus has taught us anything, life is uncertain and fleeting, and having beautifully recorded imagery from this sliver in time is invaluable. Great photography is an important investment to make because you are not just investing in prints, these are your memories, your history, and your legacy.


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•Due to the custom nature of my work, all fees are non-refundable. The session fee is required on the day of the pre-session consultation to hold your date. Prices are subject to change without notice, but you are locked into the current pricing once your session/experience is booked.• 

•On the day of your experience, I will ask for a $75 deposit. This will go directly into whatever you order, think of it like a print credit!•  


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