Hey there, I am Denice Fetzer Woller! I am a professional photographer based in Mankato, Minnesota. I capture memories and create art with my favorite tool, cameras. For over 20 years I have felt as if cameras are a permanent appendage to me, and for that I am thankful. When I am am in shooting mode I have a hard time stopping the creative process because I know the history I am capturing is so important. What I create is meant to last a lifetime, or more. I would love to document you and help you Leave your Legacy for your future generations by creating tactile and archival artwork for you to share. 
Additionally, I stay busy as a mother/chauffeur of four wonderful children and teach photography and journalism at Bethany Lutheran College.
We live in a farming community in southern Minnesota. On our farm popcorn was once produced and shipped to be enjoyed around the country. We didn't carry on that Hanel Popcorn tradition, but we do utilize our acreage and all of our unique buildings. My studio is located in the hayloft of a 120+ year old barn. Check out the photo on the left that I recently acquired of it being built- so cool! After we moved to our farm I renovated the hayloft. Reclaiming wood, building lights, cutting sheetmetal, etc. was all quite the process, but it was so much fun to create! I have been blessed to have been able to use this amazing studio space for over 6 years already. The cozy office is a great space to view client images and the bathroom/changing room is fun and practical. How many places can you wash your hands into a bucket on a stump- with running water anyway? 

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